Freitag, 22. April 2016

Morning News, 23 April 2016

Got up early today. Turned the radio on. Listened to the news. Suddenly realized that the news are special.

Let me share with you my special mix of morning news today:
  • Syria: Staffan de Mistura, the UN Special Envoy, is deeply worried that the current truce might break
  • United Nations: 175 states have signed the Global Agreement on Climate Protection (a first in history)
  • Europe/Germany/Turkey: Angela Merkel admits personal mistakes in handling the "Böhmermann Affair", a satyrical attack by a German comedian insulting the president of Turkey (she made the statement before taking off for Turkey for a new round of talks). 
This is my today's morning mix of dispair and hope.
I give hope a chance.

yours hopefully
geri baobab

greeting you with a picture of Cassia, our new family member, still asleep