Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

time for my neighbourhood

Hello! Here comes a new word. Ever heard of bazore? To me this is an exciting discovery. bazore is a creative combination of two words from different languages. It brings together the words bazar, persian for market, and ore, italian for hour. So bazore means a market place for bartering time. bazore has been invented by a migrant community in my home city of Berne. The idea is that people can offer their resources in non-monetary terms and take mutual benefit from their comparative advantages. You may need assistance for solving your computer problems, you have no money to pay for it, but you have your own skills that you might offer in return. You speak Portuguese. So you post both your need and your offer on the bazore market board. Bingo! There is a guy in your neighbourhood who would like to learn some basic Portuguese before travelling to Bresil and he has the skills to be your computer standby technician. Two needs are covered and a new friendship is born. That's the beauty of bazore. Learn more about it on http://www.bazore.ch/

It all came to me while I was recovering from an accident. I had plenty of time. I felt like being able to take up new engagements when the news reached me that the community center in my neighbourhood was looking for a new president. I felt attracted and I responded without hesitation. I offer my time and my skills. And I get beautiful new contacts in return. In my community center, the Villa Stucki, I discovered bazore. Maybe I will see you there. It's a good place to meet. http://www.villastucki.ch/

Wishing you plenty of time to discover your neighbourhood

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