Dienstag, 29. April 2008

biking for peace

I'm on my way. with tomorrow's nighttrain to zagreb and on to osijek.

for the route see the event box on the baobab webpage: www.baobab-mediation.net

have a good time

geri baobab

noa has a dream

noa has a dream. let's share it. go to http://www.reconfigure.ch/books

geri baobab

Montag, 21. April 2008

taste it!

Dear friends and colleagues,

the opening of this blog
marks the beginning of a new year
in the life of baobab mediation.

We will use this fascinating tool
to stay connected with you
and to keep you informed
about new developments
in the field of mediation.

Ten days from now a bicycle tour will take us to Croatia and Serbia, connecting border communities along the Danube from Osijek to Sombor. We are visiting a project sponsored by Gemeinden Gemeinsam Schweiz (http://www.ggs-ccs.ch/). Geri is a board member of ggs.

We shall keep you posted.

Any ideas to share in this blossoming spring time?

Taste it! And stay connected.

geri baobab

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